Monster Truck Dream
Tue Nov 21, 2017 9:22 pmGray ▀█▀ Dragon
study When I was little probably only 5 or 6 I had a dream of a killer monster truck. It started with my dad in a panic buckling myself up in my car seat while my mom was doing the same to my sister. It seemed as if everyone was fleeing town away from our house. Then I saw the headlights from out of the distance. They where headlights from the monster truck of all monster a two story tall …
Garang M. l My Dream #1
Mon Nov 20, 2017 2:00 amGarangM
My Dream #1

They say that your dreams represent you and how you feel.

I was very uncomfortable last night sleeping.

Me and my older brother right before me aren't always on the best of terms.

And it bothers me how me and him don't always see eye to eye on almost everything.

In the dream I just saw him and we were arguing I don't know what we were arguing about but I was just upset with him …
Can Erasers / smooth compact books
Mon Nov 20, 2017 7:59 pmQ
Had a dream we went to the movies, didn't have a ticket but went in anyway and got called back by the front desk person cause he noticed I didn't have a ticket, went back but noticed a little desk with some items, I go to check out these items and they have these really huge erasers shaped like popcans with pepsi colors on them, and they were really cool , they were heavy than they looked and the …
Yellow Oil bags
Mon Nov 20, 2017 7:54 pmQ
Had a dream were at this gas station looking area, and my grandpa is lifting these heavy yellow bags, and near the front, theres a hole in the bag, and you can see black liquid in the bag, but the liquid wasn't falling out of the bag, you could easily stick your finger inside the bag and touch the liquid inside, but none of it fell out of the bag, even after lifting these bags it would not spill …
Mario World
Sat Nov 18, 2017 2:33 amRay700
I was Mario in the old Nintendo 64 version. I was stuck on the same level always dying by the same damn turtle. I woke up when I finally beat the level.