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Pirates in the neighborhood, man eating sharks, and tree huggers

on Sat Dec 02, 2017 1:04 pm
I was outside my house when a bunch of people I know floated down the street in a poorly inflated boat, the street was black water for some reason. When they were passing me by I jumped onto the boat and everyone welcomed me onboard.
Then huge sharks came jumping out of the water. A funny dude on the boat said “It’s a good thing the sharks gonna attack us” and then one of the sharks ate him and everyone freaked out. I was right next to the dude and I knew that the sharks were coming after me too so I jumped off the boat and to my neighbors yard. There I decided to get my neighbors garage container. Then a shark jumped after me into the yard but I moved out of the way so the shark swollowed the garbage container instead.
Then a tree hugger; ego warrior person came out and was like “OMG, this shark is an endangered species and needs help!!” Then she somehow took the gigantic garbage container out of the shark.
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