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Running from friends in a broken down parking garage

on Sat Dec 09, 2017 2:31 pm
(I’m not sure why but this dream takes place with me having the abilities and I could see the icons of the game dying light)

I was with a bunch of people who were my friends in the dream though I didn’t recognize any of them. We were hanging out on top of a building and we were all talking about who was the coolest person so we decided to play a game to find out and what better game then tag. Yup we played tag in a gigantic Brocken down parking garage. There were a lot of other people there playing tag who weren’t my friends but I didn’t care. I was running good and I never got caught. I would jump to the higher floor and jump to lower floors. I often hide from people. I kept trying to use a grappling hook (which is an item u use in dying light) but of course it didn’t work. I never got causght and felt pretty awesome.
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