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Lots of people in a bathroom die (including me)

on Thu Dec 14, 2017 1:14 pm
There is an abnormally large bathroom, like 2 level bathroom and a little overhang on the second level so you can over see the entire room which makes no sense and is very wierd to have in a bathroom but it’s just a dream I guess.
So I had a semiauto gun and there were about 5 people in the bathroom and they also had guns. Their were two on the over hang thing and we’re prepared for me. I lifted my rifle as I came through the door picked off the two people on the over hang and one other person. The other two ran away. I then felt dizzy and confused. I throw up. Then I looked at what happened, I just throw up straight blood. My vision became blurry. I throw up again but this time it was blood but it had lots of discussing white chunks in it, ya beautiful, I know. Then I passed out on the floor and woke up.
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