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Strange markings on stones and pudding filled donuts

on Thu Dec 28, 2017 11:48 pm
I was playing some sort of videogame, cod zombies I think. And they were having some sort of Halloween special (which doesn’t make sense cuz it’s Christmas time) , there were stones with special multicolored markings in the game. I was fascinated by the markings on the stones. So I went online to see if anyone had any information about them and no one else saw the markings. For everyone else the multicolored markings were all blue dots. Only in my game was there multicolored markings. So I freaked out a little then went on discord. (Note, in real life I made a discord server and there’s no one in it, just me) in a discord server I made (and haven’t ever invited anyone) there weren’t like 5 people in it. I was confused and one of the channels to type in was called the Book of Mormon and I thought, oh no the random internet people are gonna make fun of the Book of Mormon. So I looked at that chat and it was filled with pictures and gifs of donuts and pudding filled cake with piles of sprinkles on top. One of the people who joined my server was level 10 on the server and I was level 3 so I was sad and confused about the donuts and cake pictures and gifs.
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