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on Tue Apr 03, 2018 10:18 am
The dream started out with me getting into a red and black suit, with gas canisters on the back, and a visor covering the area where my head was soon to go. The suit sent a cold liquid into my spine, and then the visor slid over my eyes, giving me a UI of my suits shields, weapons, etc. As the greenhorn of the squad, I had higher quality gear, but that didn't make up for my lack of experience. We went to battle, raging across the countryside for a multitude of days, and taking only 3 prisoners, two women, and one man. The man tried to sneak away using invisibility, however, my infrared scanner picked up on it. The women attempted to fight and wasted their energy, so we were able to take them easily. We went to an underwater bunker/tunnel and put them in a room for questioning. We promptly went to the Major, and just before he started talking, I woke up.
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