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Canadian Mountain Troupe

on Sat Apr 07, 2018 10:57 am
Canadian Woods (and guns)

My sisters and I were hunting in the Canadian woods, and we found it quite easy for the first month, then we couldn’t find food. We got lost, and couldn’t find our camp. I only had a couple rounds left in my pistol (meant for small game) and I shot a squirrel earlier in the day. We then came across hostiles. The troupe was all women, and they lived in some run-down metal base. We stayed in the base for a while, eating scraps they so carelessly let slip off their trays, and in a small room, like some sort of broom closet, for weeks. However, it was only a matter of time till they found us, and we ran. Another week later I managed to shoot a deer in the head, so we ate the backstraps, and started preparing the legs for jerky. The troupe found us, again, and we ran towards their base. I managed to injure three or four, and when we got to their metal building, but there were people expecting us. I managed to shoot one bullet into one girls stomach, not fatal, but definitely put out of action for a long time. Then three on the larger women approached us, one held a crossbow, and the other held a compound bow. They turned around a corner, so close that I could almost head butt them. However they did that first, and I was unable to do anything about it. They kicked my gun into an elevator shaft, so I ran to get it, dodging left and right so they wouldn’t hit me with their bows.y sisters followed me, for some bizarre reason, and we jumped into the large shaft together. Little did I know this was exactly their plan, and they launched the elevator upwards, at a speed I’ve never seen an elevator run at before. It stopped, and the door started to open, there were 4 women, all carrying rifles. I threw my weapon to the floor, though it had one bullet in it, if I shot, I would be as well. They said “good choice,” and put me in handcuffs. My sisters followed suite, except they told them to do housework, “because no one bloodydamn else is gonna do it for this many people.” Soon after that happened, about 2 weeks or so, I was let free from the prison, and was allowed to hunt. I hunted every other day, along with a squad of 17 people. Once everything seemed to be at its finest, the leader of the whole troupe asked me to see her in her office. I thought I might be reassigned, or something darker, when she asked me to come to the city with her. I never thought of going to the city anytime soon, but I guess what happens happens. While we were driving down the mountain that we stayed on, our leader took a turn to fast. Two people next to me in the back seats were flung down the mountain, they were not wearing seatbelts. Those of us did, we stayed in the car as it took more force than it was meant to, and it crunches as we rolled for hundreds of feet, only stopping because we fell on a road, and we crashed into an abandoned truck. The leaders lover was bleeding from seemingly everywhere, and as the leader was unconscious, I took it upon myself to help the lover. I unbuckled her seatbelt, and upon seeing that her arm was broken, made a splint from nearby twigs and the bandages kept in the glove box. Her eyes fluttered, and she fell back to sleep. I forgot to check for a pulse, so I placed my fingers push below her chin, and felt one. I then checked for a pulse from our leader. Also had one, though it seemed slow. I took her seatbelt off and placed her next to her lover. I waited for hours, till sunset, and the leader woke up. She saw the wreckage, me sitting over her, and her lover with a splint, and started to cry. This was the first time I saw the leader vulnerable. And also the first time I hugged her. After the hug, she slapped me, thinking I was attempting to take advantage of her at this time. I wasn’t. She started whispering “I’m so sorry Jules,” over and over. I checked the lovers, or now Juliet’s breath, and I found out she wasn’t breathing, even though she had been a minute before. I cut her shirt with a knife, and started doing CPR. 110 beats per minute. 30 pumps, three breaths, 30 pumps, three breaths, 30 pumps, and she sputtered awake. I gave her my coat, even though it was the summer, it was still cold during the nights. She said “Who are you?” And then “Where am I,” and soon after, she started crying in pain. I told her we were in the Canadian mountains, and that I’m here to help you. I told her I made a splint and that her arm’s broken. I told the leader to take care of her while I try to Hotwire the truck. I wasn’t sure it would work, but we crashed into the side not the front. My dream ended with a burning sensation that I felt when I woke up.
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Re: Canadian Mountain Troupe

on Fri Apr 13, 2018 12:19 am
Try to make some visuals to those who don't like to read
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