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The first controlled dream I’ve had in years.

on Sat May 12, 2018 8:02 am
For the second time ever, I controlled my dream. It started with a golf cart breaking down, and some random event in a video game to crash. I then somehow realized it was a dream. I think I just noticed how everything was slightly blurry, and then I checked my hands. They were extremely warped, my index and ring finger were flying all about, like a bat trying to get out of a net. I then changed my dream from a nightmare to a place in the sky, where I started flying around. Soon after I returned to the ground, and made my golf cart into a Mario-Kart-Styled golf cart, that could hold 5 total people, had cup holders, and leather seats. My brain then took other assets from previous dreams, like a pleather road that had massive holes in it, but those holes were for people to sit and do homework it, and no one ran it over, surprisingly. I almost did however, but I made the kart jump, which I then commented “You can’t do THAT in a car can you!”

I grew tired of my golf kart, and changed my dream to a murder mystery, the mayor had been murdered right in front of me, I had to figure out how. I checked for wounds, and found nothing. He was scheduled for a flight to the moon, so he hadn’t eaten anything for 12 hours. I had to find the other was of murder. It turned out a man from the western Mafia sneezed on him, but that “sneeze” was coated in poison. The dream turned into an all out gun fight, where I had my micro-galil from crossfire, and mowed down a few people, before I got bored and woke up to the even more boring realm of existence we currently exist.
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