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Ocean wave ride

on Thu Nov 09, 2017 1:04 pm

Had this one on June 30th 2016 shortly after i went to Roaring springs water park with a few friends, i was walking on the side walk then there was this gigantic hill with a hand rail leading to the bottom of the hill, where from the horizon was nothing but dessert /sand -- then all of a sudden while walking down the rail serious sam the great pyramid music comes on and water at first slowly emerges from the horizion, shortly the whole horizion was coverd in water and then a gigantic wave starts to form and before you kno it it was a giant ocean doing the wave like at a wave pool but with massive swooshes, then after im done swooshin in it i go out in the grass area and pick up a female and go behind a house and watch the wave behind this house as the dream ends.. i didn't include drawlings of that part because of reasons.
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