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Sky High Slide

on Thu Nov 09, 2017 1:07 pm

Starts off randomly going up those construction things but they were like liquid metal like an awm-plat on crossfire and were running up these things with a pole and 4 of us are holding up this pole running up these platnium constructiom things soon as we hit the top its literally abuve the clouds you can see the top of the clouds and as you look down you can see the tiny tiny end of the slide which is all the way down at ground level... Im scared of hights so i was like nope nope nope and in minecraft you double jump to fly so i was trying to double jump so maybe i could just fly slowly down but being scared of heights i was too weak to double jump so i was stuck in survival.. And everytime i would move it was unstable then i closed my eyes and pulled my finger into the air and spelled /back. Which in minecraft it teleports you back to your previous position then poof im in a dark cave. End of dream.
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