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UFO @ K-Mart

on Thu Nov 09, 2017 1:09 pm

Had this one the night before the upload date, so one of my freindses sister is there, an old freind from elementray school was there , havent seen that dude in freaking forever, and some other person i never ended up even looking at the entire dream, so my freinds sister is talking to the unknown dude, while im goofing around with my old freind who ive never seen , then at random just like dreams are, im talking to katie, sitting down under this fort thats up by a broken down k mart that looks almost exactly like a broken down k mart at my home town, the envoronment however not so much, well anyway shes all depressed and i had a conversation with her, and all i remember saying at the end was " katie, i want you to ask me anything spirtiual" then i look around at the other guys, " in fact i want all of you to-- " * spots the ufos * - then was like " GUYS!! LOOK!! UFO!! " then one of them starts to get bigger and bigger as if it was getting closer, then it gets close enough to where you can see it head on, but on the window was this GIANT Sticker blocking the view of the person flying the ufo, and the gaint sticker was a Typical green alien icon , but you could see the real alien's hands piloting the ufo, shortly after it shot some sort of flash bomb at us... the end.
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