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Giant Praying Mantis

on Wed Nov 08, 2017 3:55 pm

had this one while back, like 2012-2013ish , I assume that because that is the time I had a desk-bunk bed and was positiond by the wall, so it starts out by waking up inside the dream to hear something poking the window, I get up and open the certains to see a giant praying mantis, was like NOPE and tried shutting the window, and as I shut the window the praying mantis broke threw the black screen and its hands got in , that was the end.

- Interesting stuff
1.on an episode of ancient aliens, it turns out some people think that there is a " Mantis alien " species
2. The mantis from Ark: Survival Evolved DLC , there is a mantis that almost looks like the one in the dream.
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