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Ship full of gold

on Thu Nov 09, 2017 1:24 pm

drew it on 5/3/2016.. i had totally forgot about this one until i went threw all my journals looking for my ssi card... now that i remember it... were on a small boat headed towards a big ship.. we climb on board and go down stairs and theres this big oh pile of gold... then were like.. just take what you need and well come back for more .. blink... then its like we woke up from these hammocks and in the inside were like wallmart isles and there was this dude in one of the isles and i askd HEY ... where is blackbeard... and he lifts his hands up starts to float and goes... last i saw him he was sleep walking like..... then floats around the isles... blink.... then were looking at the previous ship and a voice said... ok lets hide all the gold... go.... the boat starts to sink into the water as if it was air.... wooow. carefullll carefulll a voice yelled out... then it said... ok just remember its by that pointy rock!
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