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Joker School Shooting

on Thu Nov 09, 2017 1:45 pm

had this one a couple days after suicide squad was released. so I guess were listing to a lecture by the joker from the new sucicide squad movie, ok if that's not random enough, I had Mc Donalds on the floor next to where I was sitting, and was like ooh fooood, and as I start opening the bag the jokers like AND NO CRACKLING PAPPER BAGS, so I couldent eat what was inside of it cause ittl make too much noise, then he says some other stuff and I was like ok dayum, and he gets pissed off and goes in the back * seeming like hes getting his guns* as he goes behind the certain everyone goes and makes a run for it, then one of jokers minions comes out and goes there making a run for it, so then everyone was makin a run for it, I went outside and the car was literally right there but I was like naaah lets just see what happens, then when I turn around the envoirnment was that to our church building lol, its like the whole place changed, but it was the same place, as we go in, * I didn't even attempt to draw this part* there was a girl sitting in some chair on the side of the basket ball court, and they cut her head off with gigant sissors, I seriously didn't even need to see that, and I don't even like to think about it because how brutal, but anyway they start singing and I'm like what are we doing this for? and theyre like, were trying to make himhappy, and after a song we sang which I cant even remember what we sang, they come out with guns and they start shooting us, I run out in the hallway and one of jokers minions come out with a tommy gun and shoot me, and I didn't feel anything nor did I even fall, just went.. umm ok what is that a nerf gun or something? end of dream.
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