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Tractor Swarm

on Thu Nov 09, 2017 1:57 pm

Riding in my car with 2 people someone else driving
We go in this deserted place...and every hill there is we go flying high in sky over it was like " can ya staph going so high" then we hit this one desert atrea with the most werirdest hills and a swarm of trackters come over the hills and were dfiving by slowly. Blink its dark im trying to sleep in car and then i hear someone writing on the back of my car so i move somewhere else and im so tired it looks like i almost crashed into my computer table... Even tho were outside???? Then some random chick with a red jacket comes and opens my door and just starts laying down in the passenger side... Then she hears some writing on the back of the door. And then she gets weirded out and goes outside to check it out.. Then she goes back to me looking shocked.. So then i get out of the car to look and then theres this black chick that almost looks like caylpso from pirates, im like yo what are you doing... Then she points to what she was writing on my window and i see i think it was 77- 6- 1776. Or something like that i cant remember what order it was in , then she said she dont wanna freak me out but thsts the date she died and i was like oh cool so only i can see you? Swweeet. Then she goes into this old beatin down house and that was it.
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