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Electric Black Marbles

on Thu Nov 09, 2017 2:02 pm

Music starts @0:27
Dream- Grandparents live at my aunts , the house is platformed like ark ramps Flurting w random chick and old dude tries butting in on our notes
Is caught and we were both sentinced to jail we escape run away , running threw neibor hood... Tell the girl to shhh shes making to much noise cars come i do the manican positition and start rotating like on a platform , one of them pass by , but then they find me , they surrounded us and soon as they started shooting i jumped like a wolf and stole one of there Gatling guns which had black marbles instead of ammo and i needed to pound the bottom of it to fire then were under these mountain formations where there's tons and tons of raw metal like on ark and i just start stacking the metal on top of each other.
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