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Harry Potter wand battle

on Thu Nov 09, 2017 9:34 pm
Setting: this dream takes place in the Black ops 3 map redwood outside the building near the tree bridges and the cliff. I know that probably won’t mean anything to most people.

Someone I know, and hate, was in a extremely heated argument with me and we where really going off on each other. Then he tried to punch me but I dodged and punched in the him in the jaw right after. He was dazed and stumbled to find his balance but went off the edge of the cliff. He clung to the edge and I came to him. Sure I didn’t like him but I didn’t want him to die. I stretched out my hand to help him then I heard a loud sound and he was blown of the edge. I saw who did that and it was a girl I knew with a black wand. She attempted to blow me off too but I pulled out my own black wand to block her spell then dashed to cover. With her behind cover and me behind cover we threw spells with our wands Harry Potter style back and forth. I tried to talk to her, and asked her why she killed that other dude I didn’t like but no response. Eventually I disarmed her and as she cautiously got her weapon I ran away.
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