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Zombie Girl

on Fri Nov 10, 2017 10:32 pm
Had a scary dream, was in a room, and i was to pick between a few options , I can't remember all the options but one of them was 2 handfulls of scarlet red wrapped hershie kiss type looking things, so I pick that one and I pick up the pile of these red hershie kisses,, then I was like , wait what was this one? And reach down to grab a piece of paper , and it said " to bring one into the world life " then all of a sudden I'm sitting in my aunts house on the floor near the front door, and this chick starts moving inside all slow and zombie like and she looked like she was part of an exerzism , her eyes looked like they were cut out and her thumbs were cut off too , all of a sudden I'm laying next to thing,... Woke up No No No
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