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Helicopter Explosion

on Fri Nov 10, 2017 10:37 pm
Had a dream we were at a magic show with the inside looking like the church building then my grandma was holding this baby and gives it to me and as I'm holding it I try going out of the building and everyone outside in the hall way in a rush or something cause they rude just bumping into the baby I was holding then as I walk outside there's a huge airplane sized helicopter parked outside and I'm about to go in passagener side but open wrong thing .. So as I close wrong thing the helicopter starts moving..... Then turns out my grandma was driving and she runs it up a big semi truck.....flipped over and exploded and i went flying ( sliding ) across the floor with other trucks exploding as a domino effect, then realized I had enabled and could record the past 30 seconds so I push my eye ball from the side as if it was ctrl and down on my eye as if it was the f3 to save a clip... As I'm sliding down this giant smooth concrete that went on forever.
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