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My Grandma Falls

on Fri Nov 10, 2017 10:44 pm
blink -'- now im in some random persons house and
Some lady was stalling us from going outside but didnt reslize she was stalling till we. Were outside , then when we ran away from her we were sprinting to my new blue truck... I get it in it and steering wheel is facing the back of the truck so it was backwards, so i get out and theres these kids folding the front of the truck turining it back the other way , like the truck is some type of foldable , as they were folding it bav
Ck so the steering wheel faces the front of the truck instead of the back , one of the kids screamed out " yo your grandma fell! Then my grandma was laying on her back in the grass and i rushed to go help and and supposnly my sister valerie shows up trying to help as well then i scream at val saying CALL 911 NOWWW HURRY UP, tgen she said " your the one with the phone!! " then i checked my pocket and was like " oh yea " then i grab it out and start to call 911 and soon as i start calling 911 i woke up and dialed it in the air..
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