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Egyption Puzzle

on Fri Nov 10, 2017 10:45 pm
I had like 4 dreams last night, and 3 of them are almost all the way faded away cause I slacked off on writing them down, but before they fade away completely Imma take note of the glimpises that I do remember, -- dream of being in a serious sam under ground pyramid, the place was packed with water , cave systems of water, you get to the place and theres a puzzle of a piece moving back and forth, and u had to stop it on the letter to spell out the word LOVE , but ittl go back and forth so fast you had to time it just perfect for it to land on L, then O, etc etc.. blink, then its shows this grefied minecraft area that looks like someone blew up a million tnts all over the place, the grefied area looked like minecraft blocks (lego'ey), and I can't remem--- then there was a figure with a sniper, and I walk under this wall, and pick up a bigger sniper and snipe him down, then the puzzle that went back n forth.. that's all I can remember atm there was a few extra parts that faded away, that's what I get for not writing them down asap I guess. :/
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