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Thyla Dream

on Mon Nov 13, 2017 10:06 pm
Had a dream my sister was taking me to her old friend Nicole's house and as we get there it looked like a big ol town home ... Aka had no resymbolance to Nicole's house but somehow in the dream we knew it was Nicole's house lol then my sister goes look at that ghost over there.. Was just something hanging in the tree.. Then we see a thyla near by and everyone was all freaked out and in just like what... Its just a thyla... My sister dropped something next to it do I went up and picked it up even when it was really close to the thyla.. And I'm like see it isn't gonna hurt.... Then all of a sudden manny the mammoth and did the sloth are escorting us up this mountain right behind Nicole's town home, as were halfway up the mountain some one notices the thyla is following us and some one else " yea we see you go away please.. Good luck following us up this cliff"....
Then manny helps us up this cliff... Then after we are up I am then all of a sudden in a small room with my mom dad and sister and they were talking about money... Then Sid the sloth comes in and explains he just dumped his wife so he wouldn't have to split his money with her and that he could finally spend it all on himself... Then my dad gives a big oh wad of cash to my mom saying hed never do that. End... Lol
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