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Alien Dream

on Thu Nov 09, 2017 12:55 pm

Have you ever seen a hairless cat, how its all pink and wrinkly.. The alien was that colored, it had a mouth a puny little eyes, it was talking but i cant remember a single word rather than the mouth was moving... As it flowed its arms around in the darkness as if it was underwater its eyes rotated to his forehead looking like its japaneese then all sudden 2 big eyes apeer on the forehead then goes away then comes back then goes away as if it was breathing, then it goes back to its small puny eyes and the dream is over.
Had this one 3 days ago, jun/9/2016

So acualy, i only like the 1st picture of the alien the 2nd and 3rd one dont look anything like it...

So the alien was pink like a hairless cat
and was wrinkly
and small eyes like this at first

Acualy it was smaller eyes than that.

then on his forehead those 2 common alien bug eyed things show up as if he morphed his face like that
keeping the 2 little eyes below them
like the 3rd one, and in the picture in the link, he wasn't that skinny.

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