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Another nightmare

on Thu Nov 16, 2017 8:34 pm
A similar start to my previous dream, actually the exact same, but the "other-mother" was instead a slenderman-like creature, except instead of white, it was as dark as void. He then went after Joe, who had his foot stuck in a boot, and if the boot was removed, it would kill him. No I don't know why, but this ruined my liking of boots for 3 years. After my family tried to fend off the monster with shotguns, bats, and other assorted weapons, killing all of them, it finally killed Joe, and I saw them bleeding out on the floor. The slender-like creature then mutated back into a normal man, and told me, without his mouth moving, "What have we learned today" before ending my life by tearing out my eyes, ripping apart my limbs, and hanging me from a tree. After the horror was over, I could feel pain in prickles on my neck, as if the noose had been real.
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